The Future-Ready Brand

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Brands have now come to terms with how cultural and business environments are rapidly evolving – and usually in an unpredictable and disruptive fashion. Just look at how virtual meetings have replaced physical meetings over the last few years. Brands that are not deliberate and positioning for the future will only continue to suffer a setback if they do not align with the new reality. All things will not go back to what they were. A few things might, but a future-ready brand will not count on it. Rather, they would focus on these five key areas that enable them to stay ready regardless of what the future brings.

What can organisations do to stay relevant? What practices and ways of working will ensure they are future-proof and future-ready? What must they do to remain standing when the dust settles?  The PLISM framework is a good place to start whether your organisation is a start-up, small to medium-sized, or a large organisation.


The PLISM framework is summarily a list of crucibles that companies should begin to harness, practice, and build into their culture and systems across the organisation with no one left out.


The framework comprises PURPOSE, LEADERSHIP, INNOVATION, STRATEGY, and MARKETING. When you look at the top brands operating and leading today whether it is Mercedes-Benz, Alphabet, Amazon, Walmart, or Nike, you will find that these five areas play pivotal roles in their sustained success.


They have a customer-centered leadership at the helm, they embrace innovation, their strategy is broken down into achievable objectives and they prioritise marketing. Each tends to have a purpose that guides their strategy or ways of doing things. For more details on the five key areas, download the Future Ready Brand ebook.

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