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Wait, we are already a week into the new year, should any serious organisation still be talking about clarity at this point? Yes, is the short answer. You will be hard pressed to list an environment of any industry that is predictable these days. And that is the kind of mindset or posture organisations must take. I shall call them the principles of clarity. 

The first step is to ask the right questions. The right questions like what the organisation is doing now, where they should go and if there are any internal and external factors that could hold them back and propelling them forward. Questions on next steps to take and how to measure progress should follow. This will form a strategic direction going into 2023. 

Formulating plans should follow and must align with the strategy. Ensure all major stakeholders are part of the planning, are informed on final conclusions, are aware of the roles they are going to play. And how it aligns with the overall corporate goals. That way there is clarity across board and people can be held accountable. 

With clarity at all quarters, execution becomes a lot easier. Why? There is buy-in from teams and no communication gaps to impede progress. Remember we have highlighted processes like how to measure progress. Initiatives must be reviewed periodically to ascertain that the organisation is headed in the right direction. 

Now, I must say however, that this all seems simplistic. There is no guarantee that things will always go according to plan. But adhering to the principles of clarity is fundamental. If organisations adopt a scenario planning mindset, there is hardly any disruptions organisations will not be able to adapt to or manage.

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