Enabling Clarity

Winning in the market place.

In business, clarity comes first. Whether it’s a startup looking to launch, an existing organisation searching for new market opportunities, or a struggling enterprise looking to get back on its feet.

And enabling clarity in the marketplace is what we are about. Below are the ways we do exactly that.


“We will help you adapt quickly to the new reality.”

It’s no longer news that the global pandemic has accelerated the shift toward the future of retail, and consumer behaviour continues to shift rapidly and abruptly in this pandemic-changed marketplace.

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"Over 90% of startups fail. 10% of startups fail within the first year failure is common for startups during years two through five.” Startup Genome

These scary statistics need not be your reality. The number one reason why startups fail is due to misreading market demand. Like the Big established brands have taken a chance with us, we are extending our arm to startups with big vibrant ideas and dreams.

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“Over 60% of customers say customer experience is a major driver when choosing where they intend to spend their money.” * (Market Survey conducted by D&I Nov’20)

The RELEARN project is a retail initiative that cuts across retail and adjacent industries (hospitality, logistics, etc.), with a strong focus on making the customer experience more efficient and effective.
Standing above the competition should not translate to an arduous task; organisations simply have to ensure that their key resources, including People, processes, technology, networks are empowered to thrive.

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“Data without insights is meaningless, and insights without action are pointless.”
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

If one activity should be carried out before embarking on a major project, it has to be research. Research may not answer the question all the time but It does shed insights the majority of the time.

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“Technology continues to disrupt almost every business sector with constant advancements and amazing new cases. No industry is wholly immune.” Forbes

No industry has disrupted and unended businesses as much as technology. But technology in itself is also one of the most volatile industries, experiencing constant disruption that challenges even the top organizations. Strongest organisations have never felt so vulnerable.
However, innovation isn’t limited to launching new products.

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So, the target audience has been identified and the product to service them developed.

Next is connecting the product to the customers, and this is where integration comes in. The next phase is to develop strategies that tell a credible story through a range of communication channels to the target in a consistent manner.

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The global pandemic has accelerated the shift toward the future of retail

with digital assets and investments becoming increasingly critical to meeting consumers’ new needs and fending off new competitors. D&I helps the world’s leading retailers develop and deliver the right digital, analytics, and tech strategy to thrive in this dynamic marketplace.


We help retail brands in rethinking their strategy and optimizing their operations to adapt to the changing demands of consumers and supply networks.

Since the pandemic hit, customers have either embraced online shopping more; even in categories they would have never imagined, or reduced their discretionary spending, focusing on value instead.

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Peter Drucker was quoted as saying “because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two- basic functions: Marketing and Innovation.”

We couldn’t agree more. D&I is a marketing consultancy and we are here to enable clarity for our clients so they can maximise their potential in the market place.



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